Saturday 4 July 2020
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Action will be taken to obtain the NPC Inquiry Report on Frauds occurred in JMC: says Mayor Arnold

Action will be taken to obtain the NPC Inquiry Report on Frauds occurred in JMC: says Mayor Arnold

The Mayor of Jaffna Municipal Council, Arnold said that request will be made to provide the Report on the Frauds that occurred in the past at the Jaffna Municipal Council.

The sitting of the council was held yesterday in the Meeting hall of the Council.  A member of the Council N.Logathayalan proposed a demand that inquiries should be undertaken regarding deliberate losses of funds of the Council in the past periods.

A member of the former ruling party said that I am raising the accusation arbitrarily. But the matter could be proved through documents, he said.

Former Mayor had given shop No.5 on the upper floor of the New Market which belongs to the Council on own discretion without obtaining the approval of the Council. A total of Rs.1,016,000/= has to be paid to the Council as, Rent, Tax, fines for the period from 2014 October to 2017 May. This amount has not been paid to the council. Further Rs. 56,000/= is in arrears by giving shop No.2 to Maheswary Fund.

The building belonging to the Council located in Sangiliyan Road,  had been given to the intelligence unit, and the Primary Health Centre operating in it was moved to a private building and a total of Rs.276,000/= had been wasted as rent, at the rate of 13,000/= per month.

He proposed that these incidents and similar incidents should be found out proper inquiries undertaken on them. He also circulated documents in evidence of his accusations.

Former Mayor Yogeswary Patkunarasa said that the payments had been recovered correctly up to her term. Non recovery thereafter is the fault of the officers. The building was given to the Police on the instructions of then Minister Douglas Devananda.

Replying her Logathayalan said that if it had been given to police, a signboard saying it is a police unit. At least persons working from there should have worn police uniforms. Did it happen that way? , he asked.

Member Mannivanan raised the problem of the 54-shop complex constructed at Kasthuriar Road and said 32 shops had been taken over by the Council. Although the balance shops are also seem to be used, but not reported to the councils. An inquiry was made on this Complex by the NPC and a report of the inquiry should be obtained.

The Mayor, Arnold said that the reports will be obtained.

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