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Affected people held a demonstration in front of Electricity Board in Jaffna

Residents of Valikamam North and Valikamam South held a protest rally yesterday at 8.00a.m., in front of the Ceylon Electricity Board in Jaffna asking to find an immediate solution, after their complaints to provincial and central government authorities went ignored.

The power generation plant of the Ceylon Electricity Board called the “Uthuru Ulani” and the privately owned “Northern Power” plant installed under the agreement with the CEB are situated in Chunnakam in the heart of the farmlands releases waste oil which seeps into the underground water springs in the region and contaminates the wells.

Around 30,000 people are affected by the loss of drinking water due to this oil seepage. According to these reports the tolerance level of waste oil in drinking water is 1.0 mg/l, whereas the observed level is 3 to 7 mg/l in the well water of these areas.

Meanwhile, the people of Chunnakam area had requested that, all households affected by oil seepage should be provided with pipe borne water.