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The affected will not be benefited, says  Rev.Fr.Yogeswaran

Human Rights activist, Rev. Fr. Yogeswaran, while testifying before the Task Force for Reconciliation Mechanism during its sittings in the Eastern Province, said that the Secretariat for missing persons act will not benefit the affected people. This Act, adopted in Parliament without taking in the opinion  of people will not satisfy the expectations of the affected people and that before adopting the act the opinions of people should had been obtained.

The final day sittings of, the said Task Force was held Sammanthurai and Trincomalee yesterday. It was pointed by several people the opinion of the people is being heard after passing of the Act.

The activities of the Secretariat for missing people should be undertaken according to a pre set time table, said the President of the Trincomalee district federation of the NGOs, T.Thavasilingam. That time table should be such as the solution is delivered within 3-6 months from the time handing over a complaint, he further said.