Tamil Diplomat

AG’s address at ceremonial sitting for CJ Sripavan

Attorney General (AG) Yuvanjana Wijeyatillake in his welcome address at the ceremonial sitting held to welcome Chief Justice Sripavan extended good wishes on on behalf of the official bar. He said:

‘As the dust settles on the turbulent past on Hulftsdorp Hill, I speak today not only for the Official Bar, but echo the common sentiments of all of us in this noble profession of law and the citizens of this country who look up to the law as a source of Justice.

As yet another proud product of the Attorney General’s Department, it is not just for that reason that Your Lordship’s ascension to this revered office is a special occasion. It is because your Lordship’s appointment is one which has roused genuine support of those across the board from the Executive to the Official and Unofficial Bars, as well as of the general citizenry.

“Justice Sripavan, as we all know has consistently upheld the law both in its technical and equitable senses, but also without fear or favour, so that the final judicial decision has always been impeccably sound.’