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Akilathas’ resignation not seems to be voluntary : Leader of the House, CVK

The resignation letter of member Akilathas is not seems to be voluntary and hence no further action will be taken on that letter, said  Leader of the House, C.V.K.Sivagnanam.

Just before the NPC session coming to an end yesterday , The Opposition leader Thavarasa  raised question whether the Leader of the House is aware of the news item that appeared in news papers regarding the Akilathas affair.

The Leader then said that he had received a letter from Akilathas in the letter head of NPC, but his rubber stamp was not placed in the letter and his signature is not in order. That letter  seems to be not voluntary.

All the members vehemently condemned the detention and assault on their co-member.

However the Leader said that he received a phone call from Akilathas regarding the resignation and he asked Akilathas to inform the matter through a letter. Subsequently, he said that he had a received a letter from Akilathas  and that letter is with his proper signature and  rubber seal.