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Alleged Lankan people smuggler faces court in Australia

A Sri Lankan man accused of attempting to smuggle at least one person into Australia has appeared in court in Adelaide.

Jasothiran Shellakandu, 35, faced the Elizabeth Magistrates Court on Tuesday accused of people smuggling allegedly committed while he was living in Indonesia.

Police say Mr Shellakandu attempted to smuggle at least one person into Australia on a boat.

He is also accused of communicating with well-known people smugglers in Malaysia, India and his home country of Sri Lanka.

He was arrested on Tuesday after police searched the Wingfield chicken processing factory where he works, as well as his home at Elizabeth South.

The raids also uncovered 10 fake credit cards in false names.

Witnesses told the court today that Mr Shellakandu was going to facilitate them coming to Australia by boat.

The prosecutor also alleged acquaintances of the defendant made threats against people in Sri Lankan – demanding more money.

Mr Shellakandu is facing up to ten years in jail if convicted.

He has been remanded in custody but is applying for home detention bail. (News 7)