Tuesday 14 July 2020
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Alliance of anti- Nationalist forces is dangerous, say TNPF

Alliance of anti- Nationalist forces is dangerous, say TNPF

The TNA forming the government along with national parties and para-military groups, which strive to accept unitary state and split the Tamil traditional soil had moved the Tamil people, towards a dangerous situation, the TNPF has stated in a press release sent in by the TNPF, relevant to the Mayor and Chairman elections on Jaffna Municipal Council and Chavakachcheri Town council.

We contested the in the Mayor and Chairman elections, just to de-skin the TNA.

It has further said, the TNA is acting against Tamil Nationalism. We have pointed out several times that the TNA is collaborating with Genocide perpetrators to safe guard their positions. Because of our stance that we will not commit political prostitution for power, we desisted negotiating all other parties.

The collaboration of TNA with parties that alternatively committed Genocide against Tamil people and with the Para-Military groups which operated with them have proved what we were telling about TNA, all these times.

Currently Tamil Nationalists are identified to be on one side and the Anti- Tamil Nationalists on the other side. We accept the mandate given to us and move forward, loyal to Tamil Nationalism. We will incessantly labour to fulfill the promises we have given to Tamil People.

We call upon everybody to Rally with us to safeguard the Tamil Nation from Anti-Tamil forces.

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