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Allow us to settle in our ancient soil, Iranaitheevu people hold an attention drawing Rally

People of Iranaitheevu, which comes under the Kilinochchi – poonakary Divisional Secretary’s area held an attention drawing rally yesterday. This Rally was held at around 10’O clock yesterday. The rally was held demanding to allow them to settle in their ancient soil in Iranaitheevu.

More than 150 members of the Poonakary Fishermen’s Association started the rally from the Santhanamatha Church at Poonakary Vadiyadi, moved along A-34 road,  to Poonakary DS office and without any commotion held their placards which demanded that, The lands in their traditional village of Iranaitheevu be released and they be allowed settle there, and requested to meet the Divisional Secretary.

The Divisional Secretary of Poonakary, Is Krishnendran met the Iranaitheevu people talked to them before taking in few representatives of the people into his office and got an extensive detailing about their problems. Memorandums were handed over at this moment to be sent to 15 relevant persons including the President, Prime Minister, Minister of Resettlement, to DS. In turn, he promised that these memorandums will be dispatched to relevant persons through the District Secretary.

The Leaders of the people commenting later said that, only 190 families were living in Iranaimathanagar after being displaced from Iranaitheevu. But, 330 families are living there now. They are living without any facility to undertake their fishing trade. Further the cattle that were bred by these people have multiplied into herds of thousands of heads and roaming in Iranaitheevu. They also expressed concern that the Navy there is using the milk obtained from their cattle for their use.

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