Thursday 6 August 2020
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Aloe Vera cultivators express concern over lack of marketing opportunities

Aloe Vera cultivators express concern over lack of marketing opportunities

The farmers who had engaged in the cultivation of valuable medicinal plant, Aloe Vera have expressed concern that although they have engaged in Aloe Vera cultivation for the last one year, relevant officials who encouraged them into this cultivation had so far not found them marketing opportunities.

36,000 Aloe Vera plants were planted in Saravanai, Pungudutheevu and Mandaitheevu areas under Velanai Divisional Secretariat area and 25,000 plants in Neduintheevu West area.

Commenting on the situation the Neduntheevu farmers said that although soil fertility in their area is not suitable for Aloe Vera cultivation, the farmers were given Rs.75,000/= each through the Divisional Secretariat for constructing fences, obtaining soil etc.

The Neduntheevu farmers expressed concern that although they engaged with much interest in the cultivation, they are now troubled without any means to harvest the plants and market them.

Velanai, the farmers  said that the soil is fertile but they are without marketing opportunities.

On the whole they said that if local and foreign marketing opportunities are found for them, they could extend their cultivation and insisted that the officials and politicians should take action over the matter.

Tamil Diplomat wish to draw the attention of prospective investors over the matter.

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