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Alternate land for police station which was to be constructed near Periya Pandiviruchchan Maveerar Thuyillumillam

Alternate land was given to construct the police station that was to be constructed near the Maveerar Thuyillumillam in Periya Pandiviruchchan of Madhu, Divisional Secretary’s area in Mannar District.

The construction of a police station near the Maveerar Thuyillumillam in Periya Pandiviruchchan was stopped by the intervention of MP, Charles Nirmalanathan, and alternate land has been given for the police station on Monday.

The land of the Thuyillumillam was cleared by the police recently. This was reported to MP, Charles Nirmalanathan by the area people. The MP immediately went to the spot and spoke to the Police officer in charge of the construction and the Divisional Secretary, and requested that the sacredness of the Thuyillum Illam be taken into consideration and it is not appropriate that the police is located there and the location of the police station be moved to a new location at a considerable distance from the Illam.

Following his request an amicable settlement was reached and piece of land from state land was granted to the Police Station