Friday 7 August 2020
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Amidst excitement, CM to deliver his special Address

Amidst  excitement, CM to deliver his special Address

Amongst the exciting situation that prevails in the North, a special address of the NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaran will deliver a special address today at 4 p.m. in the Weerasingam Hall.

In an event to be held under the aegis of TPC this address will be delivered. Incidentally, this address was to be delivered earlier in the Kailasapathy Hall. However the Election  Commission intervened and the lecture was postponed. It was reliably learnt that a Northern Political Party was behind the intervention of the commission.

Professor Muthukumarasamy Sornarajah of the Law Faculty of the University of   Singapore is scheduled to deliver an address under the title of ” International Law as the Shield  of the Rights of the Northern and Eastern Tamils” and  the Dean of the Law Faculty, of the University of Jaffna, Kumaravadivel Guruparan, will deliver an address ” Interim Report and  Breaking the bonds of Illusion”.

This Seminar has drawn the attention of the intellectuals and Politicians of the South, it is reported. Neutral Analysts say that people will participate in their thousands and particularly the youths will rally round. It was reported that southern journalists had come to Jaffna to cover the event.


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