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Amidst Police ban, Mulliwaikkal commemoration lamps lighted at the gates of University of Jaffna

The Mulliwaikkal commemoration was held at the Cultural entrance of University of Jaffna yesterday with lighting of lamps.

Memorial lamps were lighted at around 7 p.m. yesterday breaching the ban of Police.

While the Police waited for one hour at the student’s entrance, the students lighted lamps at the Main gate in commemoration of Mulliwaikkal.

Under the aegis of the Student’s Federation, a Mulliwaikkal commemoration with lighting lamps was organized to be held at the main gate of the University. Jaffna and Kopay police waited from 6.00 p.m. at the student’s gate. While the Police waited there, the students lighted lamps at the Main Gate at 7 p.m. in commemoration of Mulliwaikkal. At the tail end of the event, police learned that the commemoration is held at the main gate and rushed there.

3 Representatives of the Student’s Federation had tried to away saying that they are returning after event. They were photographed and their personal details were recorded.

The Police had warned the students that the commemoration is illegal and as you are students we are not arresting you, but we have the power to detain you for three months.

The Police who are going to venues where commemorations are held and tried to disturb the events saying health reasons, it is reported.