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Amparai journalists visit Mullaitheevu strugglers to express their support

The Journalists from Amparai visited the people who are on a non-violent struggle to express their support.Journalist of the Amparai journalists Federation went and met the strugglers at Kepapulavu and Puthukudiyiruppu and expressed their solidarity with and support for the strugglers fighting a non-violent struggle for their own lands.

More than 20 journalists led by the president and a senior journalist Kalabooshanam Meera S. Isadeen had come on this journey.

During their discussion with strugglers, Vanni District MP, Dr.Sivamohan and the leader of the youth council, Ilancheliyan were present and gave a briefing on the struggle to visiting journalists.

The journalists explained to the strugglers the support expressed by the Muslims in the east for the sentimental struggle they are undertaking.

Dr.Sivamohan thanked the President and the members of the deligation of journalist on behalf of the people.

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