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An SOS from woman leadership families in Mullaitheevu

There are 433 Woman-Leadership families who have lost their male leaders or been forcefully separated from them due to war and other reasons, in the 15 GS Divisions of the Manthai East Divisional Secretary’s area, and many of them had not been provided with livelihood assistances, accuse these affected families.

It was understood that, 381 of these women have lost their husbands and 81 are separated from their husbands due to family conflicts caused by war-related economic reasons and there are many differently – abled  women among them. There are :

Age group                   no.

20 – 40                          42

40 – 60                        133

>60                              177

They have requested that, their migrated brethren and Government and NGOs should take their sad plight into consideration and provide them with livelihood Assistance.