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Analaitheewu Divisional Hospital declared open

Northern Province Chief Minister Justice Wigneswaran declared open the Analaitheewu Divisional Hospital on Jan 21. Jaffna District Parliamentarians, Northern Provincial Councilors and others participated.

“The President asked me to meet him, but I have postponed it to next week and I have come here to meet you”, said the Northern Chief Minister to people of Ananalaitheevu.

“ I consider that it is a great privilege to come and meet you on your soil….. For a man born and bred in Colombo had to come across a special occasion to board a boat and come to your soil to meet you. Such an occasion had dawned on me today just because I got into the politics. You are endeared to me by voting to me. We may have been separated by politics before the election, but now we have become one family” he said.