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Another person existing under the NIC No of a person made to disappear

A mother in Mullaitheevu said with flowing tears that her son went to surrender the Army and subsequently  went missing, but, another person is living with an NIC with the number  of her son’s identity card in Batticaloa. Kathiresan jeyawathy of Manickapuram Visuvamadu is the mother who had said so.

Elaborating further she said, ” My son met me on 2009.04.23 and told me that he is going into the Army controlled area and went away.  I have not seen him after that. However I also registered his name in the application to be registered in the 2012 voters list. A few months later I received letter from the Election Department saying that on inspection of documents, Another name had been registered in another district under the number of my son’s NIC. Then again in 2016 another letter came saying that the other person is living in Batticaloa. I went to batticaloa, but that is another person, not my son.

A person who had received treatment in the Thellipalai Hospital told me that my son was in the Thellipalai Hospital. I could not go there due to my poverty. I have registered with all relevant organization about my son going missing.”, she said.

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