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Appoint a Muslim as District Secretary of Amparai, asks Forum for Development of Kalmunai

When the Task Force for finding the opinion of people on Reconciliation held its sitting in Kalmunai, the Forum for the Development of Kalmunai submitted that a Muslim should be appointed as the District Secretary, where Tamils live in majority.

This sitting was held at the Christian House Hall on Sunday.

Although theTamils and Muslims live in majority at Amparai, we are unable to conduct our affairs in Tamil at the District Secretariat. majority Sinhalese District Secretaries are ciontinuously being appointed as the District Secretary including the current one.

A muslim officer senior than him is working as Additional District Secretary.These things are detrimental to Reconciliation and the interest of the people, said the President Askar, of the Forum for Development of Kalmunai.