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Appointment of teachers done without political interference

For the first in the history of appointment of teachers in plantation region has been done with political interference. Education State Minister Velusamy Radhakrishnan said this while giving appointment to assistant teachers.

The handing over the appointment letters to the teachers event was held on08.05.2015 at the Ministry of Education in Colombo. About 1688 people were appointed.

In this event, Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, Education Minister Velusamy Radhakrishnan, Minister of Plantation Palani Thigambaram, Plantation Handcraft state Minister K.Velayutham, Nawara Eliya District MP P.Rajathurai, Uva Provincial Education Minister Vadivel Suresh, Central Provincial council members Udayakumar, Saraswati Sivaguru, former provincial council members A.Ravindakumar, M.Sachithanandan participated.

Speaking at the event Education State Minister Velusamy Radhakrishnan said,

Today the appointment was given only to 1688 persons only. In the coming29th May arrangements have been made to provide appointments to 1333 people. This appointment was not immediately given. For this I was ready to resign my ministry post. I will not hesitate to fight for the rights of our people.

When the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was the Education Minister he brought a big change in the education of Upcountry. He also with full dedication and commitment has pay contribution for the education of the Upcountry people. Upcountry people should live their life in a decent way and for this we are functioning.

Some of them has raised the question that could the politicians get away with it. For them I want to tell this. I never make any commitment is the air but I show my dedication through my service, he said.

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