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Aquatic Resources Department giving unsuitable nets-Vathirayan Fishermen complain

Vathirayan fishermen had complained that the Aquatic Resources Department is trying palm off net types unsuitable for use in Vadamaradchchi seas.Earlier these fishermen were issued with grants of kerosene. Now nets are issued in lieu of the kerosene grant. But whereas the fishermen were earlier promised to be issued with 300×500 eye nets, they are being issued with150x3000 eye nets. Although these nets are suitable for other areas, they are not suitable for the deep sea areas of Vadamaradchi, and that they asked several times before to issue them with suitable nets, say the fishermen.

Although it was said that each fisherman will be issued with nets worth 12,000/=, the nets issued now are not worth that amount they further said.

The Deputy Director of the Department Rames Kanna said that, the Department is only sending the types issued to the fishermen and after explaining to them the situation the fishermen had accepted the nets.