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Armed struggle separated Tamil and Muslim peoples: NPC Member Asmin

The Tamil people and Muslim people of North and East were separated by armed struggle. Muslim people linked themselves to the struggle for rights undertaken by the Tamil leaders. It is old history. The need has increased for the Tamil people and Muslim people should act in unison, said the NPC member Asmin.

He was speaking in an event held in Vavuniya/PoovarasankulamMV, for distributing assistances, day before yesterday.

We are people who have encountered a long armed war. A clear vision should be there as to why we encountered such a struggle. The basic demand of our people is that equal rights should be granted to minority people. Opinions regarding authority were placed forward from periods before 1948. In the initial period our leaders undertook struggles for rights Non-violently and democratically. But no solution was reached through them. Frustration was created among the people. Our youth got interested in armed struggle. Some foreign powers took advantages out of it. Armed struggle commenced. The country faced destruction. The people of North and East were subjected to massive losses.

We have stepped into a new era, after the war ended in 2009. The struggle for our rights has not ended. It is continuing. Only the means have changed. The solutions demanded by our people had not reached them. We have much faith in the democratic processes we are adhering.

A community which is engaged in struggle for its rights cannot remain without interested. They should be attended parallel. The NPC is paying more interest in Educational matters. We have understood our community. We have understood well regarding the needs of our people. We will have to work hard to fulfill the needs of the people. The TNA is undertaking these two  tasks simultaneously. The people remain the strength for this undertaking, he said.