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Army allows inspection of lands to be released in Vallikamam North

Permission had been granted to the District Secretary and other officers to inspect a part of the lands occupied by the Army, which are earmarked to be released to the owners in Vallikamam North, on Friday.

The Secretary of the ministry of Re-Settlement informed this during the discussion regarding Re-settlements, held at the District Secretariat, Jaffna.

As per this, around 567 acre are to be released in 8 GS Divisions of Myliddy North(J/246), Thaiyiddy South, Veemankamam North(J/236), Veemenkamam South(J/237), Kankesanthurai South(J/235), Mylany(J/240), Kadduwan(J/238), Varuthalaivillan(J/241).

During the same discussion the Army submitted de-mining clearance for the above areas. The Secretary informed at the meeting that, the lands could be inspected tomorrow, Friday.