Tamil Diplomat

Army-Ammunitions stored in the Myliddy camp buried in Trincomalee sea, a threat : Ainkaranesan

The Northern Province Cooperative Minister P. Ainkaranesan said that the Army ammunitions stored in the Myliddy army camp had been buried in the seas off Trincomalee and that this is an action threatening the  fishermen.

He was speaking in an event of handing over livelihood assistance to families of the fishermen killed in the sea held at the Auditorium of the Jaffna Library.

Continuing further he said that, when houses were damaged in blast in Salawa compensations were paid immediately but, no attention is paid on us, who are affected worse in the war.

Information had leaked through army officers that weapons and ammunitions from Myliddy camp had been removed by helicopters and buried in the seas off Trincomalee. Government may have   done so to avoid being caught red handedly with so much of weapons will tarnish its image. But, we cannot accept burying the ammunition in the sea as they will constitute life threats to fishermen, he said.