Tamil Diplomat

Army asks one week to release Paravipanchchan lands & people bow to struggle till release

While saying that the land on which buildings built by LTTE cannot be released immediately, the Army asked for one week’s time to release the other lands.

But the people are firm in that, they will not stop their struggle until they set foot in their own lands. They were struggling for the 4th day demanding the release of 9.5 acre lands belonging to 27 families.

In a context where they had held several struggles earlier and every time promises were not fulfilled, they had commenced a struggle, determined to continue it until they set foot in their own land.

The Divisional Secretary of Karaichchi came to the spot and took 3 strugglers for a meeting with Army officers. In that meeting, A Brigadier level Officer promised to release the lands within one week. However he said that the lands on which buildings constructed by LTTE cannot be released immediately.

Following the meeting the representatives of the people went with the Army officers went to the Camp area and pointed out their lands.

Following this, the Army officer came to the strugglers and said to them that the lands will be released within a week. However the people informed him that they will stop the struggle until they set foot in their lands.