Tamil Diplomat

Army building wall for Vihare across Kanakambihai Amman temple land in Kilinochchi

The administers of the Kanakambihai Amman Temple said that the Army is building a wall for a big Vihare in the land of the temple where the 3rd road of the Temple is situated.

This Temple built by Yogar Swamigal in 1957 had originally had 13.5 acre land. But only 9 acre are under the control of administrators. Balance 4.5 acre are under the control of the Army now. Although several requests were made to politicians and officials to get this land released to the temple, nothing had been done in this regard.

The former MP, Chandrakumar took the Minister of resettlement Swaminathan and after that spot visit the 3rd road leading to the Theertha thalam was released to the temple , but the land was with the Armyfenced off with barbed wire.

Already a massive Buddha statue had been erected and the Vihare was built to a height of around 100 feet at a distance of 300 meters.

Now the army had started building a permanent wall in place of the fence.

Area people say that building a Vihare in close proximity of a Hindu temple in an area populated totally by Tamil people is an act of Buddhistization of the government.