Saturday 5 December 2020
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Army collecting details of ex-LTTE members in Jaffna

Army collecting details of ex-LTTE members in Jaffna

It is reported that the details of the  ex-LTTE memebrs are being collected by the Army.

Army personnel who are going to houses in Keerimalai are collecting details of ex-LTTE memebrs.

It was learned that Army men who have gone to the homes in Keerimalai and have recorded details of all inmates. They have also asked for details of any ex- LTTE memebrs in the family.

After a long time Army is collecting details of former poralis and this has caused concern among the ex-LTTE and their families.

When the members of the families asked for the reason of recording the details of ex- LTTE memebrs , Army men have said that they don’t know the reason and that they have received orders from above for the same.

It was also reported that similar collection of details was undertaken in areas of Kokkuviul and Kondavil for the last two weeks.

However, Keerimalai was rounded up as in war period and around 300 houses were included in this collection of details.

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