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Army constructing hotels and playgrounds in Agricultural lands of farmers: Ainkaranesan

While our farmers are roaming the roads seeking casual employments the army which threw them out of their agricultural lands are constructing Hotels and play grounds on their agricultural lands. They are cultivating the lands without much expenditure and selling the produce at low prices through local agents, after several faction protested them selling the produce direct, making it difficult for our farmers to determine their selling price.

They are not moving out from the lands of our Departments. More than 425 acres of lands including Vaddakachchi seeds production Center, Iranaimadu In-Service training Center , Kanagarayankulam  Mother strain growing Centre, Puliyankulam  Agricultural Instructor’s Office, Mannar  Director of Agriculture’s Office, which played major  roles in our Agricultural sector. Rejecting our request to release at least the Vaddakachchi farm, they are building a new building there.

By the 13th Amendment the Agrarian Services Department was taken away from the PC. Very few small and large tanks are left with us. We don’t even have the authority to give fertilizers to our farmers. this is the reality, he said.

He was talking  after submitting the votes for his Ministry in the 41 sitting of the NPC, yesterday.