Tamil Diplomat

Army demands maintenance costs to release Kaadju farm in Mulankavil

The Army has said that they are ready to release the 500 acre- kadju farm in Mulankavil, in Kilinochchi District if the maintenance cost for the last 7 years is paid to them.

A meeting was held in the Army camp last week, regarding the release of lands under the control of the Army. Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, District Secretary and Division Secretary participated in the meeting. The release of the Kadju farm was discussed in the meeting.

The Army is ready to release the farm if the large amount of money spent in maintaining the farm for the last 7 years is paid to them. But area people said the kadju tree were fruit bearing and that they would have earned several folds of what they have spent.

It was also reported that the discussion also included release of 419 acre of Vaddakachchi Agricultural Farm, 80 acre sugar cane farm at Akkarayan and lands at Malayalapuram and Kandawalai.