Thursday 2 July 2020
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Is the Army destroying historical remains of megalithic period Tamils?

Is the Army destroying historical remains of megalithic period Tamils?

The villagers of Oottupulam raised suspicion whether the Army is in the process of destroying more 3,000 years old historical remains of Megalithic period Tamils found widespread in the  Oottupulam village and the adjoining jungle area in the Karaichchi Divisional Secretariat area of Kilinochchi District.

The public had noticed for several days that the Army going into the jungle area where large number of historical remains are found,  in the evenings.

Last Tuesday the people had heard that the Army officers had remained there for a long time and when they went in and observed they were shocked to found the several pits had been dug in the area where megalithic period pillars and brick heaps are found.

The particular area belongs to the Archaeological Department and there is a notice board saying that all excavations works in this area are prohibited. In this context, army undertaking excavations in the area had raised much suspicions among the people.

A few months back the Army had gone with a Buddhist monk into the area. We did not take much notice of it. But on Tuesday we found that several pits had been dug in the area. We have our doubt whether they are trying remove  historical remains reflecting Tamil civilization and burry  artifacts reflecting Buddhist culture, in place of them.  We are unable to go deep into the jungle. We don’t know what is happening inside.

The name of the village had been drawn from the un-drying   well and other historical remains are found near the border of the village. There may be historical remains in the inner side of the forest.  However no action had been taken to identify them.

A situation exists here, where the Historical remains of Tamils being replaced with Buddhist artifacts and history being distorted to show in the future that Buddhist civilization prevailed in the area, said the people and they insisted that officials of relevant Sectors take prompt action in this regard.

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