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Army fence across path to Nanthikadal not removed. Around 70 fishermen affected

The Army fence erected across the path to Nanthikadal preventing  Kepapulavu fishermen from accessing it has not been removed so far and because of that around 70 families of Fishermen have been affected.

The Fishermen from the model village have to circumvent and trek long distance around this army fence to get into Nanthikadal. They point out the although complaints in this regard had been made to MPs, NPC Members, District Secretary and the union of Fishermen Cooperatives, no action had been taken to date.

This fence which was constructed during the last government has not been removed even in the Good Governance Government.

In a context where the Army have occupied Kepapulavu village and the people being settled in ‘model village amidst difficulties, the fishermen of Kepapulavu , depending on the Nanthykadal for their livelihood,  they, along with the fishermen of Wattappalai, Neeravipiddy have to encounter severe difficulties in going around this fence for fishing, they pointed out.

They also said that although this matter had been discussed in Coordinating Committee meeting the fence has not been so far.