Tamil Diplomat

Army gears up to acquire legally 4,000 acres in Sannar in Mannar

Army is making attempts to acquire 4,000 acre they have already occupied at Sannar area.

Several thousand acre of lands in the Northern Province were acquired by the Armed forces of the state during the former regime.

In this context, 4,000 acre lands were brought under the control of the Army at Sannar area of Manthai West. Tanks of several villages including Keyil and Saveriarpuram were encompassed by this.  At a time when it was expected that after January 8th, the Government claiming to be a good governance will release the land ‘captured,  by the Army back to the people, a situation had developed  where the above expectation will be shattered.

It reported that the Army is making intense attempts to acquire the above 4,000 acre legally.