Saturday 11 July 2020
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Army grab back some of the lands released in Vali North recently

Army grab back some of the lands released in Vali North recently

Some of the land which were released recently in Vali – North has been suddenly re acquired by the Army. Much grief has been caused among the people of the area and they have insisted that relevant people should intervene and take immediate action regarding this.

Particularly a land supposed to have contained the Armoury of the Army was released earlier. The owners and reporters were able to go to this land freely any time in the near past days. However, the army is refusing permission to enter the lands and the sentry post on the way to land had not been removed so far.

668 acre lands in the Grama Officer Divisions of J/240 – Thenmayilai, J/246 – Myliddy North and J/ 247 – Thayioddy East, which are lying to the west of Myliddy – Kadduwan Road, and included in the HSZ had been released after 28 years of Army occupation. However some lands in this area had not been released and few Army camps still exist there.

The Army camps which existed in the lands are still there and people returned with disappointment as the Army had put up fences around the houses they are occupying. Although the houses in the released areas had been destructed, the houses occupied by the Army are intact.

Some roads linking these Grama Officer divisions had not been released and people are confused as to how to access their properties.

Further, several acre of people’s lands lying to the west in Myliddy also had not been released

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