Tamil Diplomat

Army is responsible for persons surrendered to them, Commissioner Maxwell Paranagama

When the inquiries of the Commission for inquiry into missing Persons was held in Thellipalai Presishiya Saba yesterday, Several of the relatives who recorded their testimonies before the Commission had recorded that, their relatives surrendered to the Army at the end of the war to the Army and had gone missing.

Some others had recorded that, the Army abducted their relatives just in front of their eyes in the years 2006,2007 and 2008, and asked the commissioner where to search for their relatives.

In answer to their queries the Commissioner said that, you are confirmatively say that the Army abducted your relatives, you are saying that you saw it with your own eyes. If the Army had abducted them…. if you had handed them over to the Army, then, the Army is accountable for them. You have revealed some officer’s names. They will be investigated even if they had gone on retirement, he said.