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Army is keeping the road, Unable to engage in agricultural activities, People of Koiyakkulam in Muthaiyankaddu

The people of Koyakkulam in Muthaiyankaddu complained that Army had camped on Katkulam Road which leads to 500 acre agricultural lands. This road is banned for public, and only army men use the road. People are unable to proceed to their agricultural lands.

We are suffering in poverty because we are unable to cultivate our hereditary lands. The Army that is blocking the road should be removed. If it will be delayed the road should be opened for the public. Agriculture is our livelihood. Action should be taken to remove the army from the road.

The Divisional Secretary, Oduchuddan when contacted said, he had taken over there very recently and so far no complaint had been received by him and action could be taken if the villagers make a compliant.