Tamil Diplomat

Army occupies additional 70 acre in Thayiddi and KKS areas

The Army which said that when the lands of the people are released, the existing army camps will continue to remain among them has now occupied 70 acre in addition to the amount the claimed for their use, it is learnt.

454 acre were released recently for the resettlement of people. The Lands in Thayiddy and Kankesanthurai areas were released like this to the people. The military had said earlier that two camps will remain among the resettled areas. It was said that one camp 40 acres in extent in Kankesanthurai and another with 70 acre will remain like this. Both the camps were surveyed recently, and during the survey it was found out that the Army had encroached another 70 acre in addition to the area claimed by them for the camps. The Camp said to contain 40 acre had been established in 70 acres and the 70 acre camp with 110 acre.

However the District Secretary, N.Vethanayagan said that the surveying has not been completed and if on completion it is found that there are discrepancies, discussion will be held with Military Officials.