Tamil Diplomat

Army to permanently acquire Vali-North Lands, Constructing houses elsewhere for people in Transit camp

The Army is engaged in the construction of further 200 houses to settle the people in transit camps. The Army has engaged in this activities to show the world that the resettlement had been completed and to rob the people’s lands they have already occupied in Vali North.

After constructing houses in a land in Keerimalai, people who were earlier living in the lands in Vali North, but were without own lands were settled by the Army in these house. The people so settled agreed to go there on a solace of getting the houses. However they are now saying that they find it difficult to live in these houses and that they are unable to undertake their usual trades from there and that they want to get back to their earlier areas.

It is in this context that, the Army is taking action to build 200 houses in the lands identified by them in lands belonging to the Cement Corporation in Vithakapuram and Naguleswaram.It is notable that when the Cement Corporation acquired these lands from people, the due compensation were not paid fully to date. Thellipalai  DCC   had adoted a decision that the lands in Vithakapuram and Naguleswaram should be distributed among the landless people who are already living there.

But, Army has disregarded all these facts and attempting to build the houses there.

Army is in occupation of 4,000 acre of the people living in transit camps for the last 27 years and by giving the houses, army expect that these people will not claim their lands and to show the world that resettlement is complete, said the president of the Vali North resettlement group, S.Sajeevan.