Tamil Diplomat

Army and Police support illegal fishing in Kokkilai

NPC TNA Member Thurairasa Raviharan accused that the police and the Army are supporting illegal fishing in the seas off Kikkilai in Mullaitheevu.

Raviharan leveled this accusation in the context of the Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Mahindha Amaraweera promising in the Parliament that impartial action will be taken on persons engaging in illegal fishing.

Mullaitheevu fishermen severely affected by this illegal fishing, but, the police or Army do not take any action on them, said Raviharan.

The Muslim fishermen who had put Vadis in Mullaitheevu had attacked Tamil fishermen and two had to be warded in Mancholai Hospital.

In this context, a meeting was held in front of Mullaitheevu and Trincomalee police between the two faction and instructions have been given to desist from illegal fishing.

However, despite these instructions Pulmoddai fishermen had come yesterday in 1,000  boats and undertaken illegal fishing. Mullaitheevu had complained to him about this, Raviharan said.