Tamil Diplomat

Army release 142 acre lands in Kilinochchi

The Army has handed over 124 acre lands in Kilinochchi District, to the District Secretary, it is reported. 108 acre lands in Kanakambihaikulam, Thiruvaiyaru,Ananthapuram, Selvanagar, and Skanthapuram which come under Karaichchi Divisional Secretary area, 24 acre lands in Kalmadunag and Puliyampokkanai of Kandavalai Divisional Secretary area, and 6 acre at Mulankavil and Ponnavell coming under Poonakary DS division were handed over to the District Secretary on Friday.

The lands on which the Heroes’ Cemeteries were located in Selvanagar and Mulankavil and the Sugar cane farm at Skanthapuram are included in the released lands. The Heroes’ Cemetery land in Mulankavil was handed over to the Grama Officer yesterday.

Private lands, state lands, and agricultural lands are included in this lot. The Divisional Secretaries of respective areas had been instructed to take over the released lands.