Tamil Diplomat

Army to release the Kilinochchi MV grounds, on the second anniversary of Maithri’s take over

The Army is to hand over the 2 acre grounds belonging to the Kilinochchi MV soon. This handing over is occurring as a part of the celebration of President Maithri completing the 2nd year in power, said the Secretary to President. This was expressed in a meeting between District Secretaries of  Kilinochchi, Mulaitheevu and  Jand Jaffna and the Chief Secretary of the Northern Province and the Secretary to the President.

Army was stationed after the war in a land of 2 acre extent, belonging to the Kilinochchi MV, pushing the MV to operate with much difficulty. Although several requests were placed for the release of the grounds, but no action was taken on them.

The same request was made to the Leader of Opposition and Leader of TNA when he made a visit to the school last month and he promised to look in to the matter.

It is in this context that the Secretary to the President had made this announcement.