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Army Torture Camp in Varany also, Accuses Premachandran

The former TNA MP, Suresh Premachandran had accused that there are signs in the houses recovered from the grip of the Army, at Varany,  to show that torture camps existed there. In the context of information on torture camps that existed in other parts of the country, being revealed,  this information also is made public  so as to make the Government and Human Rights enthusiasts aware  that , torture camps operated here, he said.

Until 2014, 526 Brigade was stationed in Varany. After the middle part of 2014, properties in Varany were handed over to the people. Saying that he went and inspected this area immediately after this, Premachandran also said that several houses were found destroyed in that area and on going inside the remaining houses, it could be seen that the top sides were blocked with barbed wire, bloody hand marks were found on the walls. Anybody seeing these signs  could discern that torture campa had operated there, said Premachandran.

He requested that the Government should hold full inquiries on this matter.

The Army spokesman denied any knowledge of any torture camps in Varany when contacted over the statement of Premachandran and had asked how can it be confirmed that houses displayed are really in Varany.