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Army undertaking plans behind the screen to acquire state lands legally : CM, Wigneswaran

The Chief Minister of Northern Province, C.V.Wigneswaran has warned that the Army which is having large extents of people’s lands under its control is undertaking plans behind the screen to acquire state lands also.

The sitting of the NPC was held yesterday. The CM addressing the house further said, ” We are able to apply our control over our state lands, on a limited level through Land Commissioner’s Department. On a Divisional level, our provincial officials are working under Divisional Secretaries.

However, several applications that are being submitted for different purposes are handled by us in way beneficial to people. But, the handling of matters related to land is found to be very challenging. Not only state lands but also private lands had been taken into the control of the Army and a state exists where we find it difficult to redeem them.

It is also learnt the lot of state lands are being robbed by political intervention without being brought to our attention. This is seems to a healthy situation. Very often, we are being forced to give pressure to the Central Government regarding this. We are taking actions to bring this to the attention of everybody. The cooperation everybody is needed in this regard.” , he said.