Tamil Diplomat

Army using banned fishing method in Muthaiyankaddu Tank , condemns the Fresh Water Fishermen’s Coop Society

The Army stationed near Muthaiyankaddu Tank area is using banned Thangoosi nets to fish in the Tank, and the Fresh Water fishermen of the area are being affected by this.

It has been pointed out by the Fishermen’s Society that the army stationed near tank is using banned Thangoosi nets to engage in illegal fishing without the approval of the Cooperative Society.

Commenting on this the President of the Society, S.Sahathevan said, Our fishermen have been engaging in Fresh Water Fishing for a long time in the Muthaiyankaddu Tank. Several families are depending on this. The Army also is fishing in the Tank. They are using banned Thankoosi nets. Fish resources will go extinct if this is continued and our Fishermen will be affected.

Hence we engaged in activities to prevent this. We gave necessary instructions to them. But they are behaving in a stringent way with the local fishermen. They are acting harshly on people going to the tank area to load sand with permit and for other purposes. At one instance people went for loading sand were detained for one whole day. We are encountering several problems because of this.

Hence, relevant Officers should instruct them against using Thangoosi nets and ban fishing with Thangoosi nets. Our livelihood should be protected, he said.