Tamil Diplomat

Army vacates Vanni Vilankulam Maveerar Thuyilumillam

The Vannivilankulam Maveerar Thuyilumilla land has been released from Army use.

The land which was earlier used as the Maveerar Thuyilumillam, which is located at the Vannivilankulam Junction falling under the Manthai East Divisional Secretary’s area of Mullaitheevu District, was in the use of the Army.

Currently, several similar lands which were in the use of the Army are being released by the Good Governance Government.

On the same basis, the former Maveerar Thuyumillam at Vannivilankulam was handed over to the Divisional Secretariat and the Army had completely vacated the land.

It notable this is the third Thuyilumillam released within a month.