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Army will release 1 acre of Kilinochchi MV, Surveying commenced yesterday

Surveying was undertaken yesterday as a precursor to releasing one acre of the 04 acre land belonging to Kilinochchi MV which are currently under the occupation of 571 Brigade of the Sri Lankan Army.  This land will be handed over through Kilinochchi Zonal Education Department to the School Administration, it is repoted.

After the displacement due to war in 2009, Army has occupied several land near the School including 4 acre belonging to the School. The problem of this land was made known from the Minister of Resettlement to the District Secretary. The NPC CM also had made visit to the school and got briefed about the problem.

The release of this land also was discussed in the meeting between TNA and the President and the Leader of TNA informed in a media conference that president had ordered the release of this land also.

The surveying activities commenced around 11.00 a.m. yesterday. We have informed all concerned regarding the shortage of land to increase the physical resources of the school. Already there is a plan to shift the primary section to the land to be released, said the Principal Jeyanthy Thanabalasingam.

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