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Army’s information needed to release lands, says Minister of rehabilitation

The Minister for rehabilitation D.M.Swaminathan said that in the context of the Government deciding to release 6,000 acre lands to people next year, The Army is studying about which lands to be released. After the army deciding which lands are to be released only details of lands to be released could be stated clearly.

Answering  questions regarding the Government’s announcement that 6,000 acre lands will be released next year in the North, he said that a cabinet paper was submitted last Wednesday, for releasing 6,000 acre  land and it was approved. But the Army had to decide on which lands could be released.

He also said, rather than saying 6,000 acre, you could say ‘large amount of lands’ are to be released. But, they are not identified so far. The Security Forces are working on it.

He further said that 65,000 houses are to be constructed in North and East during next year and more houses will be ear marked for Jaffna he said.