Tamil Diplomat

Army’s intervention is the main problem in the North, says Ranil in Jaffna

“All the (Civil)tasks undertaken by the Army should be undertaken by the Civil Society. This is the current problem of the North.” said the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, in a meeting he attended in the KIlinochchi District Secretariat, during his 3-day visit to North.

“ In 2009, the districts of Kilinochchi and Mulaitheevu were the poorest districts. But now Moneragalla is the poorest district. In that way some development had been done in these two districts.

“ All the (civil) works undertaken by the Army should be taken over by the Civil society. Hence we should strengthen the Civil organizations. The Civil organizations should gear themselves to take over this responsibility. We will take action to strengthen the Civil Society Hegemony in the rural areas. I am able to observe that the people are concerned about this matter.” he said further.