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“Arrest dramas” for disturbing the Maveerar Day Commemoration, suspicion expressed by Social enthusiasts

The TID coming to Jaffna, arresting 13 youth suddenly and accusing some of them for reorganization of LTTE are attempts to disturb the Maveerar day being celebrated in Jaffna, social enthusiasts expressed suspicion.

In a context where the Maveerar Day being celebrated in a grand way by the Tamil Diaspora abroad, expectations have mounted that it will be celebrated in the North and East also in a grand scale.

This anticipation has risen on the basis of the Democratic Militants Party celebrating Thileepan’s 29th anniversary publicly in Jaffna.

If the Maveerar day is celebrated  it will draw strong condemnation from Mahindha faction which will cause serious crisis for the government.There are adequate reasons to suspect that these arrests are being made to keep the situation under control, accused social activists.

They cite the charges made on the arrested youth in the Colombo courts. The charge sheet say that the accused aided and abetted former members of LTTE to re-organize the LTTE.

Accusing people arrested on sword slashing charges, clearly demonstrate this background, said the social enthusiast.