Friday 7 August 2020
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Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Translated by: V.F.Joseph

In the growth of global civilization, Art has been playing the role of a medium for exchange of information and it notable that it has been reducing mental pressures, from the very ancient days.

Art is the oldest common language, which gave the orthographical shape to the phonetic sounds of a language. In the passage of time, scribbling became symbolical shapes and finally took the forms of letters. These cave drawings, gave sound to these letters, made them into arranged vocal sounds in accordance with the feelings, gave us a sweet creation of talking musically.


Several Languages have come into existence now. The only common language that, could be understood at the same time by the people speaking all of the above languages.

The art brings out the thoughts and messages. Paintings bring out beauty and peace. When we view these two together, we can understand well, the dominance of the paint and the dominance of the lines.

Each colour has a feeling. Every feeling has a motion. All this motions come out of a painting with contemporary feelings. Therefore, the pleasure, agonies and traumas of man come out of this. All these outcomes motivate the respective creators.

Rather than expecting your satisfaction from someone else, it will be wholesome to derive your satisfaction from yourself. Sharing one’s wholesomeness with someone else will be most appropriate. We could look at this as a psychological opinion pooling.

Art Therapy could only be identified through children, youth, girls and patients who had been affected by several causative factors, such as, economy, war, relatives, and failures. I was able to observe directly that, when Counseling Projects were undertaken among children by organizations like, UNICEF, UNHCR, HUDEC, HEALTHY LIFE CENTRE, CARITHAS and Child Protection Fund and Abstaining from Alcohol Project through FORUT Organization, it was being identified that, these children and others are expressing out their sentimental affectations through their drawings. In an alternative method, its main activity was to treat them, using techniques which could make them derive pleasure through their creations, by mixing paintings in their drawings, so as to provide mental health. Because, accepting and forgiving depends on the criticisms on the Artistic creations. Enjoyment is searching self, knowing self, organizing self, protecting self, seasoning self, and transforming self to person useful to the society, etc. are expressions of these Artistic creations.


Mental illnesses and physical illnesses are one that reached us from within ourselves and from outside. Drawing is an easy medium to shed these. This drawing art could be used by anybody in the world.

Is there a child who does not draw a drawing? When a child starts crawling, it starts drawing. It is immaterial whether that drawing is correct or wrong or the child understands it or not. But, that child derives satisfaction from its drawing. Who taught this language to the child? The child’s natural instincts had taught it to the body of the child.

This had to be enjoyed by everybody. Blood pressure will balance itself. Organized mental vibrations will protect the brain. The decisions of the brain will marshal the conation. Marshaled conation will give health and health in turn gives happiness.

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