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Attack on Kattunayake Air Port, Courts allows withdrawal of charges against the LTTE suspect

Court has allowed the withdrawal of a case filed against an LTTE member, charging him of attacking the Air Port in Kattunayake. Rathnakumaran Pushpakumaran alias Nirmalaranjan was charged with attacking the Katunayake Air Port, destroying 6 Aircrafts and 6 Air Buses and there by causing a loss of  Rs.5.505 Billion.

Earlier, the Attorney General department had applied to the High Court Judge Irangany Perera, permission to withdraw the charges against suspect Nirmalaranjan. The Judge Irangany Perera accepted the application and granted permission to withdraw charges against the suspect.It is notable that the suspect had been sentenced to jail for possession of suicide jackets, hand bombs and pistol. The court also ordered the police to arrest other two suspects of the case who are absconding.