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Attack on KIA – Accused Chellaiah Jeyakumar sentenced to 2 months imprisonment

The Negombo courts has sentenced Chellaiah Jeyakumar, a resident of Kilinochchi, who was accused in the Katunayaka Air Port attack. He was arrested on 17.05.2009, by the Army at the end of the war, and was in custody of TID and  in remand for the last 7+ years. He was charged with withholding the information that the KIA to be attacked from any police Officer.

When the case was taken up for trial, his Attorney pointed out to court that even if he had known the information, he as person living in Kilinochchi which was under LTTE, could not have informed any police officer. He also pointed out that even if the charge is proved in the court sentence could not more than 7 years, which the suspect has already spent in Prison and submitted that if the court will impose a lenient punishment, with a view to the period spent in Prison the accused will m, plead guilty.

Following this the court sentenced Chellaiah Jeyakumar to 2 months in prison.