Saturday 11 July 2020
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Attempt to Buddhistize Eastern Province, Tamil National Cultural Federation express concern

Attempt to Buddhistize Eastern Province, Tamil National Cultural Federation express concern

The Tamil National Cultural Federation has expressed strong opposition and dissatisfaction regarding the Presidents announcement that A presidential Task Force will be established to be led by Secretary to Ministry of Defence , Maj. Gen.  Kamal Gunaratne, to identify Archaeological sites in the East and action will be taken to protect them.

For the last 10 years , after the liberation struggle has been silenced in the Eastern province which is a part of the Tamil home Land, the Sri Lanka Archaeological Department has speeded up the destruction Tamil ancientness and evidences of Tamil ancientness and the Buddhistization of the Easter Province, the Tamil National Cultural Federation had said in its press release. In this context the announcement of the President clearly shows a few things

* Identifying the ancient habitats of Tamils, destroy the evidences of Tamil  ancientness, buddhistize  our land and robbing them

* Identifying ancient Tamil areas  and appointing a Presidential Task Force led by  military officer to protect them means  oppressing the Tamil people,  increasing the military presence  or instituting a military rule in Tamil areas.

* Hard line Sinhala racist groups are attempting to attain their targets through  positioning the president in front.

Data collected by the TNCF shows the extent of occupation of Tami areas by Sinhala racist groups as follows:

77 places in Trincomale e District , 55 places including 267 Vihares in Batticaloa District and 245 places in Ampari had been identified as places connected to Buddhist Religion. All these places are ancient areas of Tamils.

The activities to form a  Presidential Task Force led by Military Officials, under the direction of Maha Sanga, by the President, expelling Tamils from these areas, under the guise of they being Buddhist sites, Buddhistize these areas, undertake massive Sinhala colonization should be stopped.

Hence, the TNCF had insisted that all Tamil people should express their strong opposition to the President’s statement and that the continuous occupation of Tamil ancient lands by Sinhala Buddhist racists should be stopped.

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